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  • Steel worker working at an open electric steel furnace in an industrial foundry, industrial automation, mineral processing

    Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Сталевар, работающий возле открытой плавильной печи в литейном цехе, промышленная автоматизация, переработка минерального сырья

Identify opportunities

The metals industry is under pressure to deliver sustainable solutions. But numerous barriers stand in the way, including limited staff and resources, financial constraints, internal competition for engineering resources, sound investment analysis (ROI), and limited analytical capabilities to identify suitable opportunities.

Energy Sustainability Life Cycle

Альтернативный текст по умолчанию
  • Solutions

    Continuous Energy Management and Sustainability Approach:

    • Strategy definition
    • Procurement
    • Control (power reliability and metering)
    • Optimization (process improvements, energy projects)
    • Performance (measurement and reporting)
  • Value Proposition

    • Effective energy management begins and ends with a strong strategy.
    • Energy efficiency and sustainability targets only can be reached and exceeded with continuous actions and programs.
    • By combining process expertise with energy management know-how we are able to help you uncover your full potential for energy savings.
  • Differentiation

    As the global leader in energy efficiency technology and sustainability services, we provide an end-to-end solution that truly sets us apart from others by integrating strategy, technology, and implementation capabilities.


  • Инженеры в диспетчерской сталелитейного цеха, промышленная автоматизация, товары для безопасности
    We identify and then help you prioritize the most effective energy optimization opportunities. Maximize cost-savings
  • Сталевар, работающий возле открытой сталеплавильной печи в литейном цехе, промышленная автоматизация, переработка минерального сырья
    Quick turnaround for data gathering, analytics and reporting.
  • Доменная печь для заливки расплавленной стали, переработка минерального сырья, система организации производства
    Ability to integrate global environmental, economic and social sustainability initiatives into one cohesive program.